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Time to rethink Application Performance Management - APM 2.0???

Hi Fellow SOA Practitioners' and Cloud Service Providers -

I am sure that many of you are struggling with monitoing highly distributed services that have stringent business SLAs.  I am wondering about how you are managing to tune the performance of the individual components that make up the business service or business process.  I feel that there are some key differences that need to be kept in mind in terms of what legacy APMs have to offer to us vs. what we need in these so called next gen APMs that are built to monitor and manage performance of a distributed SOA stack or a cloud based business service offering

Here are some of the salient features that differentiate this APM 2.0 concept from the legacy APMs.
requires to have a deployer or Ops centric deployment view as opposed to a developer centric view built ground up for highly distributed service based deployments as opposed to the single appliction server container or single JVM based monolithic deployments (the forte of l…