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Possible Use Cases For Platform as a Service?

I am wondering if the following use cases qualify for being a first foray into Application Infrastructure Virtualization or more loosely Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

For instance, would I be able to deploy a shared global service that has a wide variety of consumers with different usage peaks?  These peaks could coincide with global marketing events where  by the compute cycles available for the service that is hosted in the different regions could be varied by just changing the provisioning policies.

In addition, I am looking for the platform to be able to insure that the commerce site has the ability to honor the QoS needs of its' key subscribers/ top rated customers even during times of unpredictable bursts.  So the question is does anyone know of PaaS or Application Infrastructure Virtualization platforms that are able to provide such an elasticity in the platform to scale up or to throttle the compute resources specifically based on consumer calls.  Is there a possibility for…