Has Anyone realized ROI with Cloud Computing ROI?

Question to the viewers of this blog is how many have used concepts of cloud computing (and I do not mean private clouds, here)? Are you looking at Cloud computing for reduction in infrastructure costs by moving to a pay as you use concept or to augment your peak capacity or else are you using cloud sofware as a service?

What is your experience and are you realizing the ROI as in a lowering of your TCO, or increase in operations efficiency and availability?

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Migration to public cloud computing based enterprise is a business decision and requires a strong ITSM framework in place to track services delivery administration mechanism in line with service level agreements (SLA’s). Between cloud services provider and services recipient needs to be established and monitored business focused conditions for continuity, availability and performance. Strong SLA execution experience and legal power is required to manage and enforce services contracts. Majority of current cloud services providers do not offer all spectrum of cloud services and they are connected to other service providers to fill the gaps. This way generally perceived cloud computing advantage of depending on single cloud services provider in reality becomes mesh of dependencies.
    ROI factor strongly depends on an organization negotiating power and maturity level. Organization needs to be ready for gradual incorporation certain cloud based services and connect private cloud with services which make sense for their business model.
    My professional experience is related to implementation of individual components of the cloud e.g. Salesforce.com integrated to mySAP portal and content delivery services embedded to department stores web sites and portals. We concluded ROI, TCO and various risk related studies for each cloud services with thorough understanding business processes and their relations to customers and obligatory regulations. We found this outsourcing model as more reliable until cloud computing will mature and our internal readiness will allow for business sense match.


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